A business that has an experienced Attorney to do Collections on its behalf can concentrate on
conducting its business with peace of mind, knowing overdue payments will be forthcoming.
Recovering debts, especially from another business, can be a precarious, and sometimes
painful, experience. With a Collections Attorney working on your side, a business owner can
rest assured that the debt can be resolved with little trouble for both sides. Collections
Attorneys know the professionalism it takes to recover debt.

If a business has a debt owed to it and attempts to recover the debt have been ignored, a
Collections Attorney is the answer.  The Collections Attorney can do things regular creditors
cannot do. Collections Attorneys have many tools at their disposal.  They can contact the
debtor through an Attorney Demand Letter, file lawsuits, and with court approvals, place liens
on a business or personal accounts. When it comes to difficult debtors, there is nothing like a
Collections Attorneys to be there to ensure a fair and just payback arrangement is agreed upon
and executed.

The Law Offices of Bruce E. Bergman has the experience, processes and technologies to
service clients and claims of any size, from high volume high balance to individual small
balance commercial debts. Our offices specializes in its representation of banks, universities,
small businesses and fuel companies as well as accepts referrals from other collection
Contact our office to see how we can work together to ensure you collect the funds
you are owed.
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