The American legal system classes its crimes.  The most serious crimes are known as felonies.
They are punished harshly, usually with a prison term. Misdemeanors are less serious crimes
and are also punished less harshly. Misdemeanors and their punishments vary greatly. Some
examples of Misdemeanors are DUI, petty theft, prostitution, simple assault, disorderly conduct,
trespassing and vandalism.  Again,punishment for Misdemeanors vary, but the maximum
punishment is a year in a local Jail and a fine of several thousand dollars.

People who are convicted of Misdemeanors are often punished by probation, community service
or part-time prison sentences served on the weekends. Some lesser Misdemeanors can carry a
simple fine.  Although less serious than a felony, a Misdemeanor charge should be taken
seriously because, if convicted, it results in your having a criminal record.

Misdemeanor Facts:
  • A Misdemeanor will likely show up on a background check
  • Being accused of a Misdemeanor or convicted of one can have devastating effect
in the life of the accused
  • In some cases, a Misdemeanor can be raised to the level of a felony

The Law Offices of Bruce E. Bergman will provide you with our extensive knowledge and
experience to help you avoid extensive penalties and lengthy trials. We will also provide answers
for any questions that you might have regarding your situation. We will provide the most
aggressive defense to get the best outcome for you.

DUI (Driving Under the Influence)
A drunk driving charge should not be taken lightly. The consequences can be severe if you are
convicted. You can receive jail time, fines, lose your license and be saddled with a criminal

At the Law Offices of Bruce E. Bergman we defend people against DUI charges. We are
dedicated to protecting clients' rights and making sure that law enforcement personnel followed
prescribed procedures. There can be significant variation in the administration of blood alcohol
content (BAC) tests, breathalyzer tests and field sobriety tests. This can affect what charge the
defendant receives.

Depending on the level of the drunk driving charge, our attorneys may be able to negotiate
alternate penalties. Some of our clients have performed community service in lieu of jail time.
Others have obtained reduced sentences. We understand the local court rules, know the
prosecutors and are known as credible lawyers when defending against DUI charges.

When do you need an attorney to help you with traffic violations?

If you live in a state with a points system, every point matters and they can add up to a license
suspension or revocation.  If your ticket will bring your point total close to losing your license,
you should consider hiring an attorney to represent you. One of the greatest advantages of hiring
an attorney is the connections the attorney brings to the process.  The attorney typically knows
the prosecutors and the judges and can negotiate a better deal than you could on your own.

Attorneys who handle traffic ticket or traffic violation cases represent drivers who have been
pulled over and issued a ticket for offenses like speeding, running a stop sign or red light,
mechanical violations, and reckless driving. A traffic tickets lawyer may fight imposition of a
traffic violation conviction by challenging the citing officer' s observations and conclusions in
making the stop and issuing the ticket.
Along with "Class A" drivers there are commercial drivers that may be involved in traffic
violations. If you are convicted of certain traffic violations while operating a commercial motor
vehicle (CMV), you are subject to stiffer penalties which may result in the suspension or
revocation of your CDL. Your operator/chauffeur license may also be affected, depending on
the severity of the violation.

Contact the Law Offices of Bruce E. Bergman for an experienced defense. We know that the
stakes are high. We work to protect your rights and obtain the best possible outcome for our
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